Preparing Your Child for a Move

Preparing Your Child for a Move

While we all would love to live in the same house forever, it’s inevitable that one day, you will have to uproot your family and make a move. This can be especially difficult for children as they are younger and get attached to things in a different way than adults do. They also can’t process the need to move in the same way. The reason for the move determines how they react to moving. Death or divorce is probably the hardest reason to move. Kids tend to blame themselves when they really shouldn’t. These moves are hard on the adults as well. Moving for a new job or a bigger house, while still daunting, is a little easier because the whole family is going.

So how do you prepare your child for this move? As soon as you can, discuss with your child that you will be moving. Let them know why you are moving. If it’s a situation you don’t feel that discussing will make the move seem better, then create a shortened version without lying. Be prepared to answer all their questions whether negative or positive. Keep your answers truthful. They will have lots of questions along the way and may forget if they asked some. Just answer them again and reassure them this is a good thing. If you have a negative outlook on the move, they will be more apt to as well.

Show them houses on the computer if you’re moving farther away. Ask them what they want in a new house. Some of their answers may even surprise you. If you can, take them to visit the area that you are moving too. Let them tour the neighborhood, visit the new school, see who lives on their street and visit local stores. If you are moving farther away, stay in a hotel in the town you are moving to. Let them experience as much as you can before you move so they are comfortable.

Let them say good-bye to their old house and friends in their own way. Maybe have a backyard party or meet everyone at the local park to have a bar b que. Let them plan it out the way they want. It will show them that you do care about their feelings in this move.

Involve your kids. In any way possible. They more that they get to be a part of the move, the easier it will be for them in the end.