How to Reduce Waste When Moving House

How to Reduce Waste When Moving House

Do you want to move house? Moving house can be challenging as a result of the waste that this process generates. For instance, you need to get rid of packing supplies, plastic furniture wrap, cardboard boxes and other waste material.

You want to preserve the environment by avoiding throwing trash around. The best way is by using the most efficient rubbish removal methods. It enables you to move house without destroying the environment. Here you can find our more info on the best 5 waste removal methods.

• When carrying out waste clearance, you need to consider recycling as a way of removing rubbish. For example, you can contract a local waste removal company. Some of these businesses have offers whereby they pick up the waste from your home for small fee.

• However, make sure you call them before starting to move house. That will enable you to find those that offer affordable waste collection services. Make sure you read their online reviews to ensure you contract those that provide the best rates for rubbish disposal. You may say you will use green boxes to pack. However, you will still need cardboard boxes to carry other fragile items.

• You also need paper to wrap delicate items. The best way to dispose of these cardboard boxes is by breaking them down and setting them aside for waste recycling companies to pick.

• Keep in mind that cardboard boxes can be compressed and used as materials in a compost bin when carrying out rubbish clearance. Bear in mind that compost consists of two elements, browns and greens.

• Greens refer to organic items such as eggshells, vegetables and fruit peelings while browns consist of cardboard, bark and pine straws among others.

• You can cut any extra boxes you have and place them inside the compost bin. That will enable you to promote soils that are rich in nutrients, for example for your vegetable garden.

Hire a Larger Van
• When hiring rental vehicles, you should keep in mind that they come in various sizes. These companies will charge you based on the pickup's size. You may want to save money by hiring a smaller one.

• However, it will cost you more as a result of the many trips it will have to make to carry your belongings. When doing rubbish disposal, consider checking the van capacity for the best results.

Green Boxes
• Another waste disposal tactic is to use green boxes. These are eco-friendly alternatives to the regular cardboard boxes. They are of PVC/plastic materials, thick and reusable. They are also available at little cost or no cost at all. Consider checking them when moving house.

• The final step is by reducing power waste after you have finished the moving process. That’s by checking the light fixtures. Consider using energy efficient options such as fluorescent lighting CFL.

• The reason is that they use minimum power as compared to the Incandescent bulbs. It ensures you save on your monthly electricity bill.

Final Thoughts
• Moving house should be easier using the above guide. Contact your local waste recycling company and remember to use green boxes. Don't forget to compare van hire costs and their sizes for the best results.