How To: De-clutter Before You Move

How To: De-clutter Before You Move

Moving house is a no joke. In fact, it is one of the top four stressors in life. It is time, money consuming to move junk from your old home to the new one. Such garbage will have to be packed, unpacked and occupy space that could have being utilised in a better way. If you are moving for the first time or still find moving house depressing, this article will help a lot.

It is possible to transform the stress of moving to an excitement that should be when it comes to moving in a new area. The thumb rule is never to leave the garbage clearing to the last minute. If you plan to move out soon, the following tips shared by friend from waste disposal west London in de-cluttering your home will see you move with ease.

Take a break from shopping
Reduce the garbage you bring in your home. Only shop for the essentials. Use up your frozen food and canned drinks. No new furniture or electronic should come to your home. This means nothing is being replaced.

Have a list of garbage in every room
High chances are you have not paid your garage a visit or gone through your kid clothes for a while. This is the appropriate time to get rid of unwanted balls, electronics and clothes. If possible, it is important to let every family member list the items they no longer need to avoid commotion later.

Ensure they take a hard look at what they no longer use. The list will be utilised later when moving items out. The garbage will be put separate from what is to be carried to the new home.

How to get rid of the garbage
It is not environmentally friendly to have items sitting outside your house for weeks. If you have plans to move, book a garbage pickup or schedule a charity drop off. By getting rid of the unwanted items fast, you maintain the aesthetic value of the environment and prevent rodents finding their way to the neighbourhood.

Remember that item given to charity have to be in good condition. Any recyclable items such as electronic, glass and plastic should be put in the recyclable category.

Have a garage sale
The garage holds most of the garbage. Give it a high focus. If the items are a lot, sale the entire garage weeks earlier. The money earned can be used in moving the necessary items to your new house.

Go through your books and papers
Books and papers are space wasters. They end up packed in boxes for months. If your kids are grown up and you got no plan to have more babies sell the books to a local second-hand bookshop or on eBay. Ensure that you do not get rid on any important document in the process.

If you follow the above de-clustering tips, moving house should be easy and fun.